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Service agreement

  • Express Translation Service Agreement

Express Translation is a prepaid service.
The Company commits to send translation of a text within 15 minutes from the time that we send an email informing the Customer that your translation is being processed.

Only in the following cases will delivery of the translation be delayed without any penalty for the Company:

  • The translator encounters difficulties such as a lack of context, and must ask the Customer for information or clarification.
  • The translator has reasonable questions regarding the translation of a specific term. In such a case, we will inform the Customer in an appropriate matter, presenting both the terms in question and the extension of time that is needed to complete the translation.

If, for any reason other than the ones above, the translation takes more than 15 minutes, we are committed to apply the following discounts:

  • 5 minutes without any charge.
  • A 50% discount on deliveries within 20 to 30 minutes.
  • 100% discount on deliveries after 30 minutes.
  • ABC TransLink Credit

ABC TransLink Credit can be purchased for any type of translation or service of ABC TransLink. This Credit does not include VAT, as it would be applied (if necessary) at the time of the request for services.

  • Contracting of translation services

1. Scope
These general conditions apply to the contractual relationship between ABC TransLink (hereinafter "ABC TransLink") and the person or entity that puts in a translation order (hereinafter "Customer"). 

2. Orders 

The order is considered complete at the time when the Customer confirms to ABC TransLink, by email, the acceptance of the offer submitted by ABC TransLink, including the budget and delivery date.
3. Budget and delivery date

When the budget has been prepared based on information provided by the Customer, but without ABC TransLink having had access to the document to be translated, or other necessary information relevant to the job, ABC TransLink reserves the right to modify the budget and/or the delivery date. The Customer must communicate acceptance of the new quotation before work begins.

Likewise, any request on the part of the Customer for addition or modification to the service to be carried out will call for the drafting of a new budget proposal which supports the requested additional services.

If it is anticipated that, for justifiable reasons, the delivery date cannot be fulfilled, ABC TransLink will inform the Customer of this immediately and will arrange a new timeframe with the Customer.

4. Cancellations

If for any reason the Customer wishes to cancel an order after confirmation of acceptance and after delivering the documents to ABC TransLink, ABC TransLink must be notified as soon as possible and the Customer shall pay for the portion of the work that has been already done. ABC TransLink will deliver to the Customer the work that has been done at the time of the cancellation, in the event that the customer requires it.

5. Delivery 

In general, the work will be sent to the Customer by email. If the Customer requests, for example in the case of certified translations, that the documents be sent by mail or courier, then in such a case the shipping costs and the agreed-upon delivery date should be included in the initial agreement. In the event that these have not been agreed upon, the cost of shipping shall be borne by the Customer, and the delivery date agreed on with ABC TransLink will mean the date of shipment.

6. Expenses

All incidental costs related to performance of the work that were not previously agreed upon, such as courier charges, will be paid by the Customer.

7. Provision of funds

When the budget exceeds EUR 3,000 (three thousand euros), then 50% (fifty percent) of the budget shall be paid upon completion of half the work. Details are to be specified in the service agreement. If any kind of payments to governments or other agencies are necessary for the implementation of the agreed-upon services, such amounts must be paid before the work begins.

8. Payments

The invoiced amounts shall be paid within 30 days following the date of invoice. If the amount is not paid within 30 days, the Customer falls into arrears and accrues a statutory interest bill, which may result in the suspension of any ongoing orders.

Payment will be made in the manner agreed upon in the service agreement. 

9. Confidentiality

ABC TransLink agrees to maintain complete confidentiality of all documents and information received from the Customer for the performance of the order, even after termination of the contractual relationship.

10. Outsourcing

ABC TransLink may contract or subcontract all or part of the work to suppliers and external collaborators. ABC TransLink signs a confidentiality agreement with its suppliers and external collaborators.

11. Responsibility 

ABC TransLink ensures quality service. Therefore, in accordance with prior agreement with the Customer, we commit to correct all errors and redo the work if necessary.

Any complaint or claim as a result of an error or defect in the work shall be put forward in writing within one month from the date of delivery of the work.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that ABC TransLink should indemnify the Customer as a result of taking responsibility for errors or omissions in the work performed, the total amount of such compensation shall not in any case exceed the equivalent of the amount budgeted and invoiced by that work request. Furthermore, ABC TransLink is not responsible for possible errors caused by incorrect or ambiguous wording in the source text. 

This contract is agreed upon solely between ABC TransLink and the Customer. ABC TransLink acquires no contractual liability to third parties. The Customer will compensate ABC TransLink and will respond to any claims against ABC TransLink by third parties and beyond the limits of liability set out in this Clause.

In general, the Customer shall send ABC TransLink only copies of documents. If the Customer makes an exception and sends ABC TransLink original, unique, or valuable material, ABC TransLink shall not be responsible for any loss or damage. The Customer will be the only responsible party, and will sign the appropriate insurance policy to cover any damage or loss resulting from the partial or total destruction of the material.