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Proofreading the translated text is one of the most important – and most often overlooked – tasks of a good translator

In essence, this work consists of analysing the text thoroughly before publication in order to detect errors, whether they are orthographical, spelling or grammatical, or stylistic or syntax errors. 

The objective of this work is simple: to increase the quality of the translated text in order to optimise the message that the client wants to transmit.

At ABC Translink we offer a global proofreading service which includes:

  • Orthographical correction: detection and correction of any orthographical issues and misprints (exchanged letters, missing characters, etc.).

  • Grammatical correction: detection and correction of grammatical errors (idioms, agreement of kind and number, correct utilization of verb tenses, etc.).

  • Stylistic correction: translating one language to another carries the risk that the style of the author will be lost or diluted.  Each author has a style of expression, using the diverse tools of the language to convey their ideas, opinions or knowledge. The correction of style intends, therefore, to safeguard the tone of the original text and to reflect it integrally in the translation to another language.

At ABC Translink we provide an extensive group of specialised proofreaders. Expert professionals in each language that will revise the text carefully in order to faithfully express the ideas within it and those of your business.

We correct the style of translated contents for insertion into books and magazines, web environments, advertising material, multimedia presentations, audiovisual resources, corporate documents, business correspondence, etc.  You can also request this service in conjunction with our translation services or request revision of a text edited in another language. Simply tell us what you need by clicking here.

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