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In ABC Translink we translate texts of all types - business documents, films and television scripts, articles and press releases, conferences, text for online environments, etc.- and in the language of your needs: English, Italian, French, Arabic, German, Chinese, Russian, etc.

Our products are included in an extensive variety of sources, such as books or magazines, brochures, professional catalogues, corporate web pages and virtual stores.

Each one of these sources requires a different method of processing the texts and a suitable selection of colours, images and tables - without forgetting, of course, selection of the correct font style and size. They are, ultimately, all the graphic elements that work to improve the quality of the final message. 

At ABC Translink we provide an expert design and layout team. We are an innovative start-up ready to provide translation and interpretation services tailored to each customer, from instant translations in 15 minutes to more specialized translations according to ISO 9001 and UNI EN 15038 standards. After more than 10 years in the world of translation and interpretation, we are taking the leap to expand our services nationally and internationally, adapting new technologies to translation services and hiring specialized personnel. Professionals with proven experience, who will adapt the translated texts in accordance with the characteristics, requirements and functionalities of each source.

We design and produce layouts for content for books and magazines, web environments, advertising material, multimedia presentations and corporate documents, but if you need a service or layout for another source, contact us commitment-free.

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