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Interpreting services

Interpreting work is very demanding, and takes place at business meetings and events at an international level (meetings, conferences, exhibitions, corporate visits).

At ABC Translink we provide a custom interpreting service which is flexible in terms of work schedule, subject matter and language or languages of interpreting required.

In addition to perfect working competence, these professionals will guarantee absolute confidentiality, the subject matter is often sensitive and confidentiality must also be taken into account in a competitive business environment.

We offer the following types of interpretation:

  • Simultaneous: perfect for exhibitions, conferences or crowded presentations. Interpreting is carried out from one or several booths, and guarantees correct comprehension of the message by a multi-cultural audience.

  • Consecutive: recommended for business meetings with a small group of participants. The interpreter will translate the contribution of each participant in a complete and faithful way, translating the ideas and idiomatic expressions of each language to ensure that all participants fully understand the ideas expressed in the meeting.

  • Whispered: ideal for business meetings between two speakers that do not speak the same language. The interpreter will whisper the translation of each phrase of the conversation as the discussion progresses.

English, Italian, French, German, Arabic, Chinese and Russian are our basic languages of interpretation, but if you need to hire our services for a different language, contact us commitment-free.

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